UV Printing

Direct to media UV printer – UV flatbed printing

UV Print Specialist

Our Epson, Jetrix and Roland large format printers are capable of producing high quality signage and art prints on both rigid media like boards or roll materials. We also provide the best flatbed printing service in the market for fine art prints.
For high-quality durable print, Kili Arts are an inexpensive and highly effective way of delivering your brand identity. For intricate printing our printers support a maximum thickness of 200mm in the height direction which allows us to print not only on thicker materials but also onto bottles or other shapes.

From small posters for advertising, exhibition presentations or commercial signage to large format prints that deliver your brand’s identity effectively at low costs, Kili Arts’ high quality durable prints are excellent options when it comes down to complex designs with intricacies you might find difficult copying through another medium like fabricating metal pieces manually without compromising their integrity


At Kili Arts, you can choose from 72 ready-to-use texture patterns in our Texture System Library. Our team of experts will work with you to bring your design ideas to life!

We offer a full range of services which include designing custom textures for unique finishes or 3D embossed effects that heighten the tactile senses and add an interesting dimension on top of colour through use of glosses or matt varnishes. This collaboration between client and designer allows us not only create but also deliver innovative solutions by taking care all aspects throughout project’s lifecycle starting from conceptualization till production phase, keeping quality standards as the priority goal

UV Printing & Large Format Printing

UV Printing Applications

The possibilities are endless with UV flatbed technology, our flatbed printer allows us to print on almost anything! From the everyday applications such as board, glass, vinyl and acrylic to exceptional surfaces such as fruit machine casings, aeroplane and ship parts, stainless steel, coffins, entire doors, laminate floorboards and carpet lengths …

  • Posters

  • Traffic Signage

  • Window Graphics

  • Backlit Signs

  • Roller Blinds

  • Banners

  • Pop-Ups

  • Temporary Textiles

  • Wall Graphics

  • Wall Coverings

  • Magnetics