Chromaluxe Metal Prints

Timeline – 2015 to Present Day

Here at Kili Arts, we want to be excellent at what we do and that’s what makes a brand. We don’t just want to do prints, we want to inspire those that come to us.

2015 –  We helped five photographers increase their sales.

2016 – We helped nine photographers achieve their goals by taking courage in competing against the best.

2017 – we helped 25 artists believe that they can sell their art…and by doing so, they sold their art!

2018 – We took the courage, believing in ourselves and helped over 30 photographers, artists and those in the wedding industry make more money through our excellent print service.

2019 – Who will we help? Be a part of our journey and give us a call on 01753 542 319.

Last year we printed over 2000 metal/wood images. This year we will triple this number.

This year we know we will be printing a lot of Metal Prints; Wood Prints; Fine Art Prints; Event Decor and Fine Art Signage. Be the first to have your signage printed on our ChromaLuxe EXT.

Event Decor/Metal Prints/Canvas/Large Format/Wide Format/Fine Art

ChromaLuxe Prints 

ChromaLuxe® Printing | Fine Art Sublimation Prints‎

Kili Arts recently travelled to Boom, Belgium to visit Universal Woods EMEA. The leading manufacturer of ChromaLuxe high-definition sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity, vibrancy and durability. What’s more, indoor prints last up to 64 years. ChromaLuxe products are scratch resistant, fire resistant, rust proof, easy to clean, lightweight and most importantly of colour brilliance.

ChromaLuxe sublimation printing uses a specialised coating which is applied to a variety of substrates to provide the most durable and longest lasting print medium.

Bar top, front and side panels printed using ChromaLuxe

Product Types and Finishes

Your images can be printed on various product types – HD Metal Prints, Wood, Tables, Steel, Hardwood and Phenolic, all in various sizes. However, it does not stop there, you will have seven different finishes available to choose from – White Gloss, White Semi-Gloss, White Matte, Clear Gloss, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Matte and Clear Natural Wood.

Substrates for ChromaLuxe

You can choose to print your image on Aluminium; MDF, Steel, Hardboard, Natural Wood and Phenolic.

It is worth noting that ChromaLuxe is NOT replacing paper prints; it is a premium addition to the types of print substrates.

What’s More

Sublimation print can be used on other products such as name badges, coasters, keyrings, luggage tags, photo albums and much more.

Your imagination is your limit. You think it, we print it.

ChromaLuxe Prints – Further Information

For more information and how we can help you, please visit our specific ChromaLuxe Printing website for full details on the various types of substrates, products, finishes available and much much more.

Contact us to order your first ChromaLuxe prints…you will not regret your decision!