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ChromaLuxe Prints

ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Prints offer you a clean and modern way to present your photographs.

We print your images directly on to aluminium or wooden sheets and bring them to life.

ChromaLuxe prints allow you to display your photographs and art  in a clean and modern way. We print directly on aluminium or wood sheets, bringing the images life!

With our advanced print media, ChromaLuxe® is the leading brand in providing high-quality and durable photos. The process of infusing images into panels provides vivid colours that will last for a long time, in fact for generations to come.

ChromaLuxe Prints are the preferred print media for fine art and professional photo printing because of its many different substrates, which work well with home décor as well as commercial design.

What is ChromaLuxe print?

Images are injected directly into the coating of a product to provide permanent bond instead of printing images on its surface. This prevents damage or scratches that may occur from using this method.
Present your professional photographs or artwork in a way that will impress your audience. This is done by placing them on an awesome background with the best quality of print.

As you’d expect from the market-leaders in aluminium photo panels, ChromaLuxe prints burst with colour. They’re light and easy to hang so they can be hung on walls easily. The images are printed directly onto metal sheets for a permanent bond instead of printing them on paper which may get damaged or scratched over time.
Kili Arts are the ChromaLuxe printing experts who will make you a gallery-worthy masterpiece to hang in your home. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, and ensure that all of the information is correct before we produce it for your wall décor or exhibition space

Points to note prior to placing an order

The aluminium  and wood is hand crafted to create a unique coating, so imperfections in the surface may be visible through this image. These include small dimples that are an intended part of the design for each piece created by humans.

There can be variations in the colour of your image/monitor and what you get on paper due to how metal is printed through dye sublimation.

We do NOT  reprint jobs because of these variations and imperfections. If you have never had a HD Metal Print done by us, we recommend that you order a small sample size to see the beauty for yourself!

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