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ChromaLuxe Prints

ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Prints offer you a clean and modern way to present your photographs.

We print your images directly on to aluminium or wooden sheets and bring them to life.

It’s possible to bring even the tiniest details to life by printing photographs and art directly onto metal, wood, and other common materials using ChromaLuxe’s high-performance photo panels, which are meant to last a lifetime for professional photographers. Our cutting-edge coating is what you need if you want to elevate your brand’s image to the next level.

You can design a commercial environment with ChromaLuxe goods as long as you want, whether you’re building a personal collection or a business. Wall-mounted prints can be displayed without the use of glass thanks to the long-lasting qualities of ChromaLuxe.

ChromaLuxe infused images into metal or wood with a state-of-the-art coating is now possible. There is no better medium to display fine art, pictures, and other works of art than this new technology!

What is ChromaLuxe print?

ChromaLuxe’s sublimation printing process utilises heat and pressure to transfer images directly into the surface of an object, bonding them together at a molecular level. With decades experience in engineering alongside their prowess from manufacturing polymer-based coatings that are designed for art pieces so they stay vibrant and vivid without being damaged by harmful UV rays which would fade colours over time as well Scratches

ChromaLuxe is a luxurious substrate that offers the best qualities of traditional and digital prints. It’s durable, high-quality finish which is perfect for commercial or residential applications alike.

When it comes to durability, the ChromaLuxe is an obvious choice. Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated its ability last significantly longer than three longest-lasting photo papers!

With ChromaLuxe, you can elevate your art and photography prints to create an atmosphere in any space.

ChromaLuxe products are designed with the latest advances in technology to provide you long-lasting, vibrant colour. They’re built tough so they can handle rain or shine without fading.

Points to note prior to placing an order

The aluminium  and wood is hand crafted to create a unique coating, so imperfections in the surface may be visible through this image. These include small dimples that are an intended part of the design for each piece created by humans.

There can be variations in the colour of your image/monitor and what you get on paper due to how metal is printed through dye sublimation.

We do NOT  reprint jobs because of these variations and imperfections. If you have never had a HD Metal Print done by us, we recommend that you order a small sample size to see the beauty for yourself!

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