Bespoke Printed Walls

Bespoke printed walls are a creative, eye-catching way to transform your home, office, retail space or entertainment venue.

Whether you want to brand your office with your company logo, or personalise your exhibition stand, Kili Arts in-house service works with you to transform and personalise  your home or business feature wall with a memorable image or choosen graphics. 

Our digitally printed wall-coverings are produced in high-quality fire-retardant paper and are available in two scratch-resistant finishes.

If you want a modern look, we offer a unique acoustic printed mural to showcase your pieces of art, graphics and photos.

We use a class ‘A’ sound absorbing acoustic core to absorb sound waves, meaning that our installations can absorb over 90% of sound reverberations.

We pride ourselves in offering a personalised service for producing one of the best acoustic solutions to showcase your images and graphics.

Call us now on 01753 542319 for expert advice on your wallpaper requirements.

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