What is Large Format Printing?


Large Format Printing

Usually cover print materials that are larger than popular commercial printing presses. These special sizes or large format prints have to be printed using processes or equipment that can accommodate the larger than standard print dimensions.

There’s a huge difference between producing large format prints and simply printing bigger prints. Printing presses, by their very nature, are defined by size of print they can produce.

Sophisticated equipment like the Epson high definition large format digital printers that we use at Kili Arts are more advanced and significantly more versatile than conventional printers.

Large format digital printers offer excellent print quality that is rich in colour and renders outstanding image reproduction.  An added advantage is that they are also quicker, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly..

The real difference, of course, is that the construction of the equipment allows us to print very large print jobs easily and quickly. Although the term ‘Large Format’ is relative as maximum print size ultimately depends on the actual printer, this type of printer generally allows for very large print jobs such as banners, hoardings and display panels.

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Large format printing is suitable and commonly use for the following types of print:

  • Banners and Posters
  • Exhibition Material
  • Hoardings and Signage
  • Store Displays
  • Promotional Signage
  • Window displays
  • Wall graphics installations

Digital printing has developed considerably in the past 15 years. Inkjet technology is suitable for many different types of materials. Large Format Digital Printing is particularly suitable for materials that can be roll-fed. Rigid materials such as Foam Board (Foamex), Composite Materials (Dibond) and thicker PVC can be printed directly using a large format flatbed printer.