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Giclée Printing Service

Professional photo printing, fine art prints

Our giclée printing service produces the highest quality prints for artists and photographers.

Using the latest digital ink-jet technology, we print pigment-based inks onto archival-quality paper to produce richly coloured and precise fine art prints.
Whether you’re a photographer or an artist, we’ll use our giclée print expertise to ensure you achieve the best possible reproduction of your images, turning your digital files or artwork into beautiful prints that will last a lifetime.
Choose from our extensive range of quality mounts and frames to perfectly display your fine art print.
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Giclée Prints

What makes a Giclée print?

There are those who will argue that applying the term ‘Giclee printing’ to your work is nothing more than a ploy to charge a higher price for an inkjet print.

There are at least three basic criteria that must be met in order for a print to be considered a true Giclee.

1: Images printed as a Giclee need to be created at a resolution of no less than 300 dots per inch (DPI). In the case of a photo or conventional artwork reproduction, that means that the camera or scanner used to capture the image or scan the artwork must be able to do so at 300 DPI.

2: For Giclee printing, the paper or substrate used to print the final piece must be of archival quality. Any professional series paper will probably indicate if it is archival quality on the box.

3:The last element in a true Giclee print is the type of ink and printer used. The biggest contrast between a standard inkjet print and a Giclee print is that Giclee are printed using pigment-based inks rather than the dye-based inks found in lower-cost inkjets. Pigment-based inks have a longer lifespan, and can last 65-85 years without significant fading.

Giclee Printing London
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Photographers and artists alike can achieve stunning results when printing their work, the high quality colour and precision print of the SC-P Printer brings fine art prints and artistic photographs to life. The new high density Matte and Photo Black inks give deeper, solid blacks, reducing bronzing and allows the SC-P series printer to achieve accurate colours and great colour fade resistance, giving light-fastness of approximately 60 years on.

Your prints will be printed on Canson, Hahnemulle or Fotospeed fine art papers, that we offer through our latest Epson printers which features the K4 ink-set, giving an unbelievably wide colour gamut, achieving superb light-fastness and producing vivid, stable, accurate colour with intense saturation and depth.