Let’s Become Experts in Our Own Colour Management

What is Colour Management and Why is it Important?

The first step to colour management is monitor calibration, however, we will come back to this in more detail a little later.

First, let’s talk about colour management.

The aim of colour management is to have the images that are displayed on your screen closely match the end product, the final print. It’s the process of balancing your monitor to achieve colour consistency between your display and your final print.

This is where monitor calibration comes in, if your screen isn’t calibrated correctly, the print will be completely different from what you were expecting to see.

You may see a very slight difference, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. The reason being that monitors transmit light and prints simply reflect it. However, here at Kili Arts we will do our utmost to get as close a match as possible so you achieve the quality prints you expect.

Monitor Calibration

Now let’s talk more about calibrating your monitor.

As mentioned in a previous blog, all monitors display images differently, in terms of colour balance, brightness and contrast.

You should calibrate your monitor regularly to ensure colour consistency. The best way to do this is by using a monitor calibration device. They either attach to your monitor or by placing the sensor nearby, the device analyses colours and grey levels.

If you have not calibrated your monitor, you may notice that your prints seem a lot darker, and the common issue for this is that the brightness on your screen is set too high, as this is part of a factory default setting.

Another thing to know is that calibration devices can also measure the ambient levels of your room to adjust the brightness of your screen. Once the device has determined this, it will then create a colour profile to instruct your monitor to display each colour that will be reflected in the print.

At Kili Arts we love the SpyderX device.

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Need Support with Your Colour Management?

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