Fine Art Giclee Prints

Kili Arts Certified ChromaLuxe Printer

What does it mean to be a ChromaLuxe Certified Lab?

It didn’t just happen. To be an accredited ChromaLuxe Certified Lab, we completed an assessment set by Universal Woods. Amongst many criteria we must have advanced education level regarding consistent print quality.

As a professional print provider we have proven that we can achieve and maintain excellence in photo reproduction on ChromaLuxe HD metal panels.

What are the benefits of being a Certified Lab?

• Priority support in case of issues
• Profiling support from a certified ChromaLuxe Engineer
• Training and Workshops
• First-hand marketing; and product information

Most importantly, what are the benefits to you, our clients?

• Trained employees
• Consistent quality
• Reproducible consistent print quality
• Assured archivability of all prints

Jagdeep from Kili Arts says: “Personal service and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We have worked extremely har

d to become a certified lab and we will continue to optimise our print process to maintain this. At Kili Arts our goal is to deliver our clients with the highest quality prints and we use the best papers and inks to achieve this result.”

Please click here for more information on ChromaLuxe and our short video on YouTube.

What is Large Format Printing?


Large Format Printing

Usually cover print materials that are larger than popular commercial printing presses. These special sizes or large format prints have to be printed using processes or equipment that can accommodate the larger than standard print dimensions.

There’s a huge difference between producing large format prints and simply printing bigger prints. Printing presses, by their very nature, are defined by size of print they can produce.

Sophisticated equipment like the Epson high definition large format digital printers that we use at Kili Arts are more advanced and significantly more versatile than conventional printers.

Large format digital printers offer excellent print quality that is rich in colour and renders outstanding image reproduction.  An added advantage is that they are also quicker, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly..

The real difference, of course, is that the construction of the equipment allows us to print very large print jobs easily and quickly. Although the term ‘Large Format’ is relative as maximum print size ultimately depends on the actual printer, this type of printer generally allows for very large print jobs such as banners, hoardings and display panels.

Large format printing is suitable and commonly use for the following types of print:

large format printers london

  • Banners and Posters
  • Exhibition Material
  • Hoardings and Signage
  • Store Displays
  • Promotional Signage
  • Window displays
  • Wall graphics installations

Digital printing has developed considerably in the past 15 years. Inkjet technology is suitable for many different types of materials. Large Format Digital Printing is particularly suitable for materials that can be roll-fed. Rigid materials such as Foam Board (Foamex), Composite Materials (Dibond) and thicker PVC can be printed directly using a large format flatbed printer.

Do you need custom printed boards? Either for advertising or simply to create brand awareness. Then read on and see how we at Kili Arts can help you.

Uses for Site Hoarding Boards

Custom printed hoarding boards is at the top of the list when choosing the best way to secure new developments and construction sites. The digitally printed boards do more than create a fencing to keep your site safe from potential intruders. They double up as a great way to advertise the building project that is taking place behind the scenes. What’s more, you can offer the board space to other businesses to create extra revenue.

Durable Sign Boards

Our single-sided boards come in two standard sizes (8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 5ft). Custom sizes are also available on request. The boards are made up of strong and extremely durable 3mm hoarding grade aluminium composite boards, making it both weather and rust-resistant. Each of our boards is printed and finished to the highest standard. We ensure this by using a high resolution digital print, which is applied directly to the board for a very vibrant and long-lasting finish. The boards can be protected further by adding one of three protective laminates.

Foamex printing and Correx sign boards.

We also offer alternative board printing solutions which includes Foamex printing and Correx boards.

Chromaluxe Metal Prints

Timeline – 2015 to Present Day

Here at Kili Arts, we want to be excellent at what we do and that’s what makes a brand. We don’t just want to do prints, we want to inspire those that come to us.

2015 –  We helped five photographers increase their sales.

2016 – We helped nine photographers achieve their goals by taking courage in competing against the best.

2017 – we helped 25 artists believe that they can sell their art…and by doing so, they sold their art!

2018 – We took the courage, believing in ourselves and helped over 30 photographers, artists and those in the wedding industry make more money through our excellent print service.

2019 – Who will we help? Be a part of our journey and give us a call on 01753 542 319.

Last year we printed over 2000 metal/wood images. This year we will triple this number.

This year we know we will be printing a lot of Metal Prints; Wood Prints; Fine Art Prints; Event Decor and Fine Art Signage. Be the first to have your signage printed on our ChromaLuxe EXT.

Event Decor/Metal Prints/Canvas/Large Format/Wide Format/Fine Art

What is Giclée printing, AKA Fine Art Prints and what does it mean?

Giclée (g-clay), is a digital printing process to produce high-quality fine art prints with longer lifespans. In which an ink-jet printer is used. By ink-jet printer we do not mean your standard desktop inkjet printer, however a Giclée inkjet printer.

The word derives from the French word ‘la giclée’, meaning ‘that which is sprayed’, which is how the inkjet printer works.

So what makes Giclee different to standard prints?

First of all, the paper or substrate used for printing. Giclee is printed on archival paper so over time the print will not discolour and have a yellow tinge. As it is acid free and 100% cotton or rag base. You can always ask us which paper we use as we would be more than happy to confirm this with you.

Last but not least, the true difference is in the type of ink and printer used.
Giclee are printed using pigment-based ink as opposed to dye-based found in your standard inkjet printer. I hear you ask why does that make a difference? Well, your print will have an increased lifespan and can last 100 plus years without fading. This is providing it is cared for appropriately by the owner.

Now moving on to the printer. This will be larger format printer and can hold up to 8-12 ink cartridges, giving a more sophisticated range of colours for the final product.

So now you know, why not have some prints done.

Who prints fine art images?

First and foremost, ARTISTS, who want to reproduce their work for resale. It doesn’t stop there though, photographers also print fine art images and so do those that just appreciate art.

Images courtesy of Jaspreet Jasprit –

Giclee Fine Art Giclee Fine ArtGiclee Fine Art

As we were full swing in the wedding season, we have been Printing, Printing and more Printing! We have been inundated with orders for table plans, custom printed dance floors, walkways, wedding albums and guest books.

The custom printed dance floors is what kept us on our toes over the last couple of months or so! Very often we will receive urgent last minute orders for these and how can you let a bride and groom down on their special day. These dancefloors really add some glamour to any event and we have created so many different types ranging from mirrored to multi-coloured and your classic blacks and whites.

What else has kept the team out of trouble?

Where shall I start…personalised t-shirts, business cards, keyrings, birthday cards for a lovely school in Langley that wants to give each child a personalised card and story maps for local schools.

With the wedding season coming to an end…have things slowed down? Simple answer, NO! Do we want it to…NO!

We have recently done some custom printing for a full stage production. From the flooring, walkway, bar top, buffet table tops and bar side panels. Making this our quickest turnaround for a returning client.

Also, the team has been printing media walls, banners and some amazing designs on large panels.

If you want more information on any of the services we can provide please just pick up the phone and give us a call or send through an enquiry via email. Contact details can be found in the Contact tab.

KiliArts – Printing Specialist and more:

Imagine the scenario… You’re an Events Organiser, and you’ve been given your first large project to organise a huge event with hundreds of attendees. The list of requirements is endless, but you’ve got a good idea where to get most of it, except one thing…

One of the more unusual things you’ve been asked to provide is a custom printed dance-floor capable of withstanding hundreds of feet dancing from dusk til dawn. You didn’t even know these things existed, but you do know that Google is your friend here. You search for large format printing and you find us. We are Kili Arts and we can give you exactly what you need.

I am Jagdeep Panesar, the Founder and Director of Kili Arts alongside my business partner Gurwinder Soor. Our journey started in 2014 when we purchased a large-format printer. We had no idea where it was going to take us, but we were excited to find out, like kids with a bag of sweets! The inspiration to set up Kili Arts had originally come from working in the photography business, East West Photography. We wanted to provide a printing and framing service for our existing clientele – and so the journey began…

At the beginning of 2018, a great opportunity came our way. We were offered the chance to become a part owner of UV Prints – an incredible opportunity not to be missed!

This new venture came with a new location, so in May 2018 Kili Arts moved to Slough Business Centre, Bristol Way, Slough. The move allowed us to have all three businesses under one roof! This is when Kili Arts became Bigger and Better!

What we do at Kili Arts

UV Printing

Moving to larger premises meant that we were able to buy bigger machines! If you want to get your company noticed,  one great option is UV Printing! We can now produce high quality fine art prints to really make your advertising campaigns pop!

UV printing is a form of digital printing which uses ultra-violet lights to dry the ink as it is printed. This means we can print on all sorts of substrates. Allowing us to produce beautiful bespoke dance floors, table tops and advertising boards amongst other things.

ChromaLuxe® Printing

ChromaLuxe® is our favourite (don’t tell the others!). It prints on hard, durable surfaces like aluminium. It is the perfect way to present artwork or photo collages. They are light and very easy to hang, as well as being scratch-resistant. ChromaLuxe® takes fine art printing to another level. It’s the market leader for image clarity, colour vibrancy and durability! Artists, this is THE way to present your work!

Advertising Poster Prints

We offer state-of-the-art poster printing in a range of sizes and materials at affordable prices. Small posters for when space is limited, to large format prints for a huge impact, our high-quality poster prints are an inexpensive and highly effective way of delivering your message.

Giclée Printing

Using the latest digital ink-jet technology, we print pigment-based inks onto archival-quality paper to produce richly coloured and precise fine art prints.
Whether you’re a photographer or an artist, we’ll use our giclée print expertise to ensure you achieve the best possible reproduction of your images, turning your digital files or artwork into beautiful prints that will last a lifetime.
Choose from our extensive range of quality mounts and frames to perfectly display your fine art print.

Hoarding Sign Printing

High-impact site hoarding panels for property and construction companies throughout the UK. Printed hoarding panels can provide  attractive colour facias for construction projects or development sites.

What next…?

We’re excited about working more with a variety of industries, in particular the furniture industry, creating fine art images on all kinds of furniture such as table tops and bath panels.

Our next big investment will be an in-house cutting machine, so we can cut our own panels. This will make Kili Arts even more flexible and cost-effective.

“I feel that the move was a big decision but also the right decision, the timing may never have been right however Kili Arts had outgrown its previous premises. It’s so exciting, it’s almost like starting a new business, a learning curve for me and the team, training on new machinery and learning new skills. It’s the next phase in the journey of Kili Arts and I’m really excited to see where the company goes next!”

Kili Arts Specialist Printing               UV Printing Specialist

ChromaLuxe Prints 

ChromaLuxe® Printing | Fine Art Sublimation Prints‎

Kili Arts recently travelled to Boom, Belgium to visit Universal Woods EMEA. The leading manufacturer of ChromaLuxe high-definition sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity, vibrancy and durability. What’s more, indoor prints last up to 64 years. ChromaLuxe products are scratch resistant, fire resistant, rust proof, easy to clean, lightweight and most importantly of colour brilliance.

ChromaLuxe sublimation printing uses a specialised coating which is applied to a variety of substrates to provide the most durable and longest lasting print medium.

Bar top, front and side panels printed using ChromaLuxe

Product Types and Finishes

Your images can be printed on various product types – HD Metal Prints, Wood, Tables, Steel, Hardwood and Phenolic, all in various sizes. However, it does not stop there, you will have seven different finishes available to choose from – White Gloss, White Semi-Gloss, White Matte, Clear Gloss, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Matte and Clear Natural Wood.

Substrates for ChromaLuxe

You can choose to print your image on Aluminium; MDF, Steel, Hardboard, Natural Wood and Phenolic.

It is worth noting that ChromaLuxe is NOT replacing paper prints; it is a premium addition to the types of print substrates.

What’s More

Sublimation print can be used on other products such as name badges, coasters, keyrings, luggage tags, photo albums and much more.

Your imagination is your limit. You think it, we print it.

ChromaLuxe Prints – Further Information

For more information and how we can help you, please visit our specific ChromaLuxe Printing website for full details on the various types of substrates, products, finishes available and much much more.

Contact us to order your first ChromaLuxe prints…you will not regret your decision!